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WEBMINO 2021 RoadMap

WEBMINO will receive many updates and new options for 2021.

We are presently working on:

A transport management system with route and delivery planning.

A Google Maps integration for this system with real positionning via smartphone.

A very interesting alternative option to costly installed tracking devices in vehicles.

A new payroll system adapted to remote work conditions.
You will be able to accept and validate time sheets online.

A new WEB management interface for your business (a sort of Wordpress integrated in WEBMINO).
You could replace your entinre website with WEBMINO.

A new suite of customers services integrated to this new suite.
a lot of features like online appointments and more.
A lot of users do not even know that right now they can offer online account payment to their customers.

A new consignment system.

A new repetitive invoicing contract system for subscribed services

A new training manual with training videos for all modules.
A complete entreprise solution for all your operation and accounting needs.

WEBMINO the 100% Web administrative platform !
Now in its 7th génération, WEBMINO is fast-deployment web solution.
This administrative platform is fully adaptable and can be quickly customized to the solution you need to manage your business.
More than a simple software package, the integration to your operations has virtualy no limits.
A perfect solution for your customer service needs.
Minimal maintenance and upgrade costs.
Data is stored in secure digital vault for security and data integrity.
  • No software to install on your computer
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Multi-company and Multi-user
  • Look and feel customized for your business
  • All you need is a browser on any device
  • Fast production of multiple accounting reports
  • Online documentation and videos
  • Annual rental invoiced twice per year
  • Ideal for solo or remote workgroups

The WEBMINO system is a « software as a service » (SAAS or Cloud Computing) like his little brother ADMINO+

  • Data is stored in secure digital vault
  • Continuous upgrades, transparent to users
  • Customizable look and feel
  • Optimized and enhanced processing modules for the utmost efficiency
  • Centralized administration
  • Light load on your network. Does not require a high speed connection, totaly usable by cellular
Functions available in WEBMINO

A large suite of different modules are available for WEBMINO. There are module specialized for production, food wholesale, distribution and delivery, storage, online sales and new modules are always being developped.

WEBMINO is available for rental on our cloud through a private VPN, as a public, semi-public or private service according to your needs.

WEBMINO is also available privately for special or specific security agency needs on a secure and private intranet.

The system allows your business to work or function without the need for special technical services, restrictions and security risks of a conventionnal system.

Here is a sample of the options available in WEBMINO. Many other options are available. (the complete list is available on demand)

Support for users of the WEBMINO platform:

By E-Mail: support@webmino.com
By Phone: (514) 617-7817 (from 8h00 to 16h00, eastern standard time)

Direct online assistance This small tool will allow you to obtain help directly on your station

Your IP address This page will show you your IP address.

The ADMINO+ server For the registered users

Corporate Server (restricted access)

The WEBMINO 7 users manual

Created by François Yelle, developper for the WEBMINO Inc. software company, the WEBMINO platform is the result of more than 20 years of research and experience in multiple fields of activity.

Builders of software since 1989 for more than 3000 companies, like Sirius and Novosys, always adapting to new technologies. Inspired by the internet in 2001 and began developping WEBMINO as a software platform. It was first released in 2004 during its 2nd generation.

Now in its 7th generation, WEBMINO is a mature, well proven system accessible by any device on the web.

WEBMINO is presently used by a large number of businesses in a variety of fields. The secure administrative platform (EAL-6) protects your data and gives you the peace of mind rarely found in online systems.
Now, more than ever, the secure access to your data is vital for your business.

Please contact the administration for any enquiries about the acquisition or integration of WEBMINO.

The WEBMINO Inc. offices are located in Quebec's eastern townships region of Magog.

Telephone: (514) 617-7817 E-Mail: francois@fyelle.com